After going through alot of heck to find an atm in Lahore an inspirational idea came to my mind that we should have an app that does that for us. Google Maps doesnt mostly doesnt provide this service specially OFFLINE.

What it does

Gives you information regarding your location.

How we built it

We have a prototype and a webiste that tell you about an app. This is cross platform app built already on android and we are working on windows platform and its almost complete.

Challenges we ran into

Getting huge amount of data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we won CFP NUST Civic Hackathon 2015 and our app was awarded best database educational app plus NASA Space Apps Winner of Pakistan 2015 so now we are hopeful that our project will get some admiration from KPK government.

What we learned

We learn that there are alot of apps out there they might do what our app is doing but giving an dedicated app for a dedicated province makes you app better and you can perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

What's next for InfoPedia

we are planning to extend it to a whole new level and get this prototype running by the end of August 2016 (2 Months of Summer vocation devoted to this app)

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