Like anything else, it started as an idea. We all know that misgendering or referring to someone with the wrong pronouns can be disrespectful and can lead to awkward interactions. That is why we decided to make InfoMe! The app allows users to then see other nearby users’ name, gender, and pronouns as well, giving everyone full transparency so misgendering or incorrectly referring to someone will never happen again. Coded using Java and Javascript, built in React Native, and working off of a Firebase Cloud service, our app allows a wireless flow of data to and from the cloud, giving users the ability to show their information and see that of those around them, easily and instantly. We had lots of issues as we were all beginners, and didn't fully finish our implementation we wanted. Nevertheless, we were successfully able to have users upload organized data to our cloud service. This data is easily received and shared, though we didn't finish implementing this based on location (we had to just hard code it). We learned a lot of Java, Javascript, React Native, HTML, and various other languages and programs throughout the duration of this hackathon.

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