Inspiration - After receiving many parking tickets, my friend and I figured that we should create an app where drivers can connect and share the parking specifications of a certain location. At times, especially during a rush or a panic mode we don't really focus on the signs or where we park.

What it does - It uses the smartphone's GPS location tracker to determine which street you are on and gives information about the parking laws in the area. This also allows the user to take a pic of the general vicinity of the car. With this pic the program reads the sign and recognizes certain parking features, and clarifies to the user what the parking situation is. Such as in DC there are certain parking zones, and this app iterates to the user what these signs mean. Like 2 hour parking except permit 2, or if parking isn't allowed during a certain day or time.

How we built it - We used Xcode IDE, and wrote it in iOS native language called Swift. that are connected to the database to save the information that have been submitted through crowd data building.

Challenges we ran into - Using android studios, having a hard time downloading and updating.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Completing the APP InfoLane.

What we learned - to prepare before hand, and create a product with something you are familiar with.

What's next for InfoLane - Adding bigger database to save more traffic data, such as the laws and traffic regulations.

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