Just one Watchapp is still missing. News providers such as n-tv, stern, BBC, New York Times, heise or Le Figaro haven't stepped forward to the pebble jet.

In the meantime InfoCenter provides the latest n-tv as well as stern news from politics to sports, heise news coming from developer to mac and i news. For our English speaking friends the BBC and New York Times top news are available. For our French speaking friends a couple of Le Figaro feeds are available. Further JSON or XML channels can be added. Also each RSS or ATOM feed could be provided. :)

The last stock values and detail informations are shown of the DAX, Tec Dax, Dow Jones. In addition individual stock portfolios can be configured in the the companion app. Beside EURO exchange rates are available.

A 5 day weather forecast for the current location and 2 - free selectable - further cities is provided.

In an extra selection up to 5 Google News feeds based on individual search tokens can be configured - due to this you have your own google alert at your wrist.

This app is an extension to the InfoWatch in the sense that the short ticker news the InfoWatch has shown to you can now be read in the InfoCenter in it's full length. If you are interested in a stock detail information such as the dividend or the day the last dividend was paid it's your must have app. ;)

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