It is simply important for everyone to stay updated with COVID-19, maintain good physical and mental health, and more importantly to socialize and interact with other people. But since we are in isolation, it has become a challenge for us to maintain socializing and have a healthy physical and mental health. And that is when our web app comes in handy. infoCare is a web app that spreads awareness on COVID-19, helps keep track of COVID-19 cases in a community, helps socialize within their community, and provides the audiences with physical and mental health tips while in isolation. This web app is also mobile-friendly so users can also access them through their phone.

As it’s really hard for elderly people to communicate with others and family members, infoCare comes in really handy in this case. People can navigate to the “social” page and then they can start texting and everyone who is connected to the site can see the message and interact with it without creating any group chat or doing anything. Many people can text in the web app for as long as they wish.

What it does

infoCare is a web app that helps audiences in the following ways:

  • Keeps track of new COVID-19 cases within a community using location
  • Spreads awareness and latest information about COVID-19 with the latest interactive map
  • Helps users socialize with people within their community
  • Help organize a person’s day
  • Help individuals identify any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Provides the audiences with physical and mental health tips
  • Encourages the audiences to donate all around the world to help other communities

How I built it

This is built with html5, css3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery with other google-APIs.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenged that I faced was implementing Google’s geolocation service to the website because it is a two-step process. The first step was to find the location of the user based on latitude and longitudinal values. The second step was to use reverse geolocation service from google maps and showing it onto the map. The other challenge that I faced was implementing the latest RSS feed onto the web as it wasn’t working at all at the first. It took a long time to identify the problem and solving it. The last but not least challenge was using google maps location and storing the information like the number of people affected or the to-do list.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I successfully created a big web app in 24 hours which is really a short period of time. I’m also proud that I created a web app that will solve a real-world problem and help other people who will use this.

What I learned

The most important thing that I learned while making this project is how to implement other APIs in the web app since this was the first time where I implemented it. The second thing was how to create a to-do list which will be saved in the web app so that it wouldn’t disappear when the web app refreshes. The last thing that I learned was creating a live server which is the back end for the “socialize” page.

What's next for infoCare

To help spread the awareness of COVID-19 and other issues in our communities right now, the next steps for infoCare should have a login page where each individual user can log in and share news or contribute to their communities with their account. Another feature would be to have a more secure and stabilized socializing tab with their username on it. And since donations make a huge difference to help a community or region grow, more places would be added that needs donation. Another feature would be to embed a Twitter feed to the web app so the users can share their knowledge or their contributions. The last but not least feature would be to translate the website into other languages so users from all around the world will be able to use the website without any issues.

NOTE: Due to lack of time (having to complete the whole project within 24 hours) the socialize page isn’t working because it contains a server and it was not possible to deploy the product to Heroku within a short period of time. But this problem can be fixed later on with more time.

Thank You for checking out infoCare!

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