In the media, the conversation is fundamentally about WHAT to do about the crisis as a precaution. Also - they use long, piece-by-piece or too technical articles for most people. And often without specifying the exact sources of information.

Something is missing in this picture.

This is how the idea for the website was born.

The only, relatively short, frequently updated article that discusses WHY to take precautions without discussing exactly what - one can easily see this from other media. And pointing out how to make it easier for us to take precautionary measures - for example, where to look for information about what we can do while we are at home. This with links to articles / videos / audio files on the Internet, from which the information specified in the article was extracted.

In this way, the idea is to create and sustain long-term motivation for people to take precautionary measures. The motivation comes before the action. There is no WHAT without having WHY.

Many people (after a while) get tired of taking precautions. Or they start to think that "it's not so scary / important." They start to lose motivation. If at all they had it at first.

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