DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLICATION The West Africa Information Center for Development (Info-Dev-Center) is an online platform of dynamic research, diffusion and interactive sharing of the macro-economic data of the UEMOA[1] Member States, from the World Bank database. These data represent more than 250 relevant indicators selected for the economy of the Union and are classified by set of topic (18 topics), by country (8 countries), by year (10 years: from 2000 to 2009) and come primarily from three information sources: the World Bank, Doing Business and the UEMOA. This platform is part of a device of promotion and visibility of the economy of UEMOA space called MAVICEU.COM[2] and is accessible to the address. Info-Dev-Center aims, not only to provide the development actors of UEMOA space (companies, economic agent, academics, investors…) of reliable, up to date and easily accessible data, but also to provide innovative tools of access and handling of these data in order to support the efforts of these actors and the eight UEMOA Member States in the achievement of the Millennium Goals for Development; Info-Dev-Centre set up three numerical devices of research and information sharing. It is (i) a multicriterion search engine of the data through a parsing of API of the World Bank, (ii) a Wiki-Indik or "Virtual Encyclopaedia of indicators of the Bank», (iii) an e-Exchange who is a solution of sharing and interactive exchange on the indicators in the form of chat room through the internet and the mobile. The search engine: the Information centre for the Development of the UEMOA Member States (Info-Dev-Centre) has a search engine and a multicriterion access of the indicators of the World Bank by a simple and ordered parsing of API of more than 250 relevant data for the West African economy. These criteria are inter alia the set of themes, the country, the year…. The consultation of these indicators gives access also to a wiki which provided significance of the indicator concerned. Wiki-Indik: it is a virtual encyclopaedia of the indicators parsed by our search engine which gives at the same time the significance and the formulation of the indicators like its values for all the countries in the world and over at least three (3) years. The E-Exchange: it is a space of interactive exchange and sharing on the indicators of the Information centre for the Development of the UEMOA Member States between the users of the centre and the advisors on development trained for this purpose. The discussions are done in the form of chat (instantaneous message by Internet or wap) by group according to the source of the indicator. Thus four groups were created according to the information sources of the centre namely: indicators of the World Bank, Millennium Goals for Development, Doing Business and Performances of the UEMOA. [1] UEMOA: West African Economic and Monetary Union gathering 8 countries Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo.  

[2] MAVICEU.COM: Common Virtual market of UEMOA. It is an Online Platform of management, diffusion and the promotion of information and indicators of this community by the sharing of data, the visibility of its economic and cultural potential, numerical transactions and exchanges, innovating communications tools and diffusion and the management of the customers/partners relationship.  

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