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Enabling small businesses to use the power of Instagram influencers to advertise their products using ML. Influencers who are truly interested in your product, and therefore targeting their followers.

How to use it.

All you have to do is the following:
  1. Tell Influency your budget for marketing.
  2. Give it a photo of your product.
  3. Chose the tags your product is associated with, add more if you prefer.
  4. Good things take time, let it run.

What Influency does behind the scenes.

  1. Using Google Cloud's ML API for Vision, Influency identifies tags associated to your product.
  2. After your confirmation on what tags you want, Influency searches Instagram for all the tags.
  3. This returns a list of users who have posted similar posts which contain similar things to your product.
  4. Using the list of Users(Instagram influencers), and the 'Budget' you specified, Influency filters the list of influencers according to the appropriate budget and number of followers.

Using this list of Instagram users, your business can target these influencers to advertise your specific product, giving you a higher chance of them liking the product since they have used similar products. Finally, you also target their followers.

Challenges we faced.

  1. New to Tkinter Python GUI.
  2. We couldn't find an open source instagram API that provides us with the necessary data.
  3. Integrating Google's Vision API with our Account finder algorithm efficiently.

Future potential

  1. Expand to other social media like Facebook.
  2. Potentially use Youtube and Google-Cloud's ML API for Video.
  3. Host a web version on Google-Cloud App Engine.
  4. Store the list of influencers on Firebase.

What we learnt.

  1. How powerful Google's vision API is.
  2. Tkinter, Python GUI framework.
  3. Integration of the GUI and backend.

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