All flights today have a generic inflight entertainment system, which lacks personalization and does not keep track of history or learn from users preferences

What it does:

Creating a personalized inflight travel assistant mobile app, that remembers preferences, history and predicts a preferred line up of movies, music, sports, shopping ads, for upcoming flights and can be paired to inflight travel system to give a seamless, personalized experience --- powered by Panasonic API and GER algorithm

Mobile App also enables shopping from the inflight catalog and sending a gift to a loved one traveling – never miss a birthday or a special occasion or Just because!

Keeping track of all the places you have visited - See your pinned map of places you’ve been on flights that had entertainment systems powered by Panasonic! --- powered by Mapquest API

How I built it:

Built an iOS app with Java backend Rest end point using Panasonic Inflight API and Mapquest API and GER prediction algorithm grahamjenson/ger ger - Good Enough Recommendation (GER) Engine

Challenges I ran into:

we wanted to code in Swift but Panasonic API only supported Objective C

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We formed team here and we collaborated and build a full platform from scratch. We faced lots of issues on the recommendation engine and building native iOS app but despite the challenges we made the product work.

What I learned:

Integration of RestEndpoint and iOS app and NodeJs Recommendation engine. Worked with different languages

What's next for inFlightX:

Improvements in machine learning and improve the apis as well as better UX and UI.

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