With over 22 major air carriers and over 800+ million flights taking place every year just in the USA alone, understanding brand reception is a vital component in continually improving your business and staying ahead of competition. That's why we built inFlightful, a dashboard that gives you insight on what customers think of your brand!

What it does

inFlightful is a web application that scrapes social media and news articles to find out what users are saying about your brand and competitors.

How we built it

The front end dashboard app was built in Javascript using charts.js, and bulma. The backend component performs sentiment analysis using Python, Flask, and Google Cloud's NLP API.

Challenges we ran into

As usual, communicating between backend and frontend had its challenges. Specifically, sending HTTPS POST requests in javascript to the backend flask app. Another complication we had was many of the social media APIs are restricted to app developers meaning we had to take alternative approaches (html parsing).

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