What it is

Inflight Booking is an idea plus working solution for the airlines to inspire their valuable customers on the board Airline can really use the time when passenger spent on the board and inspire him to book his next flights or vacation

How it works

It works like this.. Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) welcomes the passenger with a customized welcome message because it knows the person who is sitting there.. Passenger can login either through facebook or his frequent flyer account.. The intelligent IFE fetches his interests and travel history and give him offers for his next flights on the flight path map highlighting the places of his interest. Customers can see the offers and go for a booking if they like it.

APIs used

We used the real APIs of Lufthansa, Sabre, facebook and google maps.

Challenges I ran into

We faced some challenges on getting the APIs that fits our requirement and after finding a few we ran in to issues while integration because of limited documentation on APIs

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