My inspiration is inexhaustible potential for people’s wellbeing with Harmony Seeking Computation. Algorithm 'Infinet gives the ability to create radically new relationships/markets balanced ecosystems and enables everyone with universal individual AI.

What it does

The Tech Model is to Automate Multitask solutions for complex systems from the variety hierarchy points of viewing (using). It creates a universal computing space of solving issue processing dynamic networks, allows simultaneously use, and manages it on any viewpoint by governments, global policy organizations til the individual person. It is aggregated dynamic information for your observations and interacting.

Universe.AI enables users with like a satellite monitoring which identifying the epicenter of problems and addressing necessary sources.

Univers.AI represents the Public Place of your interest to find opportunities and match the interest, and the Personal Space for your processes/transactions continues tracking. It excludes any intermediate as lever/token/crypto and limitations, it acts only on pure desire matching with full networking accordance. Dynamics CRM for individual usage. The cognitive architecture of Univers.AI for Abstraction, Alignment, and Cognition. It is United Coordination for Decentralising Individual Leadership.

How I built it

To built Univers.AI there are two keys of innovative foundation:

📍Unite Verse - Database of Dynamics. Database of not a state but Continuous Processes data. The visual continuous imaging action, process, evolution as a data unit for this database of dynamic Univers.AI. We are familiar with a fix, static data component information, and always trying to improve the managing of using the database. Here in Univers.AI not the facts, but their developments are manageable.
Complex Dynamics under your control.

📍Infinite Verse - Networking of Networks. Continuous full connecting by the compound axis of dynamic data processing. Infinitely networking system of life’s acting achieved with geometrical succession hierarchy.

Software Universe visual virtualization as an AGI of a simultaneously coordinated network, where pattern/process processing units: 1)the full circuits of a data warehouse, 2)the network of systems, and 3) the decision-making engine in one.

Zoom in and out navigation, drill down into grassroots level out the particle, or opposite up to super-high singularity information’s dynamic spaces. It represents the visual volumetric cosmic systems of emerging with 'Infinit algorithm automation dynamics for processes evolution against the substantial incoordination or destructive events.


Scope, simplicity, and predictivity. With the implementation of a computational "uni-cod linguistic system" between and inside of IT and human systems. It became the tech model that attempts to parse human events and its continuous processes by mapping it into reasoned on by AI and human knowledge. Which at the same time used to guide search engines to do the more intelligent search. The cognitive synergy of various aspects of mind and intelligence unified in one way supports each other in a natural interaction as the human brain and mind do.

It provides the simplified using adapted for retails, by visual imagining and interfacing for comprehensive observation of any type of user.

Visual volume Graph DataBase based on Convolutional Neural Network system potentially using pixel and hologram bases principles

Challenges I ran into

Since Univer.AI is not a mono-product but a complex solution, which core is the large volume of benefit's value and it's cognition, it is really hard to give a review, a pitch for the audience. Briefly you able only to say that it is a new protocol for the Innovative policy chain. However, it is very curious and promising’ since still any fault hasn't been found in the theory.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the treasury's knowledge I have obtained while researching on my way of Univers.AI development and interesting people, professionals, I have the luck to meet and work with. I am looking forward to inspiring and explore more and proud to bring help people.

What I learned

I learned that even though the Global Capital and Finance Markets have higher efficiency and coordination as an ecosystem and the implementation of the new model is much easier there, to create human valuable and world-encompassing technology is important to be out of it and of any other dependency.

What's next for Infinity of Univers.AI

Short term - it is the technology developing, team settings, and then new Free Education crowdfunding online platform construction. Longer-term - is the creating Ecology Damage Matching Marketplace and Humanitarian Projects Ecosystem as next Univers.AI galaxies.

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