Infinity Gauntlet

Phantom limb syndrome is an extremely large problem that affects approximately 60 to 80% of people who have undergone amputations. PLS leads to painful sensations when the brain sends signals to the amputated portion of the body.

One of the more well known methods of treating PLS is the mirror box technique. A mirror box is a device that provides a reflection of the intact hand or limb that allows the patient to "move" the phantom limb, and to unclench it from potentially painful positions

Though effective in many cases, mirror boxes are large, bulky and uncomfortable. Due to their size, creating them can be resource intensive. Furthermore, their lack of portability means that they are not readily available for use in emergency situations.

Infinity Gauntlet demonstrates a new way of treating PLS - one which fixes the flaws of the mirror box. By combining augmented reality with cheap, portable microelectronics, Infinity Gauntlet is able to simulate a mirror box anywhere, at any time

Infinity Gauntlet is named after the artifact of the same name from Marvel Comics. In the comics, the wearer of the gauntlet is said to be able to control reality itself. The reason the project was named this way is that the device is designed to help users overcome the obstacles that life has thrown their way.

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