The best investors vigorously follow their philosophies.

We built this application as an introduction to various investment philosophies, defined by certain metrics we considered most important for value and growth investing strategies. It is intended to show the long-term performance of investment strategies for equity long positions in the U.S. equity markets.

Users can learn about the various philosophies and their progenitors while creating their investment strategy. Each criterion is clearly defined and its usage in screening is explained.


Currently, we are limited by the nature of the financial data we are able to access. Without a direct line to NYSE and NASDAQ, the exchanges from which the data comes from, we are reliant on free APIs - Intrinio, AlphaVantage, and IEX. We are rate-limited severely and can only access historical data back to 2017-10-30.


  • Port to mobile devices
  • Introduce buy/sell strategies (backend complete)
  • More granular strategy creation tool
  • UI/UX

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