I have been working on a threat detection system for 2 months now. We already have the framework built out & we also just finished the app. We trained the software to detect guns first to combat the problem of gun violence. And when faced with the task to help stop the spread of coronavirus it came to me. If we can use a.i to detect weapons, why can't we train it to detect when someone has a very. I talked to the engineer that I paid to build the software for me and he said it was very doable, all that we would need to proceed is a thermal camera and he could have it built within 10 days.

What it does

Uses thermal cameras and computer vision to automatically detect when someone has a fever and alerts the designated personnel; without having one person manually stand in line and invasively take peoples temperatures. We can program the a.i to automatically detect where the eyes are on a human body (glasses have to be taken off) and takes the temperature between the forehead which is most accurate. This can be used in airports, hospitals, clubs, hotels, casinos, the list goes on & on. Infinite Vision can also be used in workplaces that have a lot of workers such as walmarts & warehouses to quickly scan employees when they come in so they don't spread the virus to co-workers.

How I built it

I am not a engineer or have any background in coding, so I have paid someone to build out the complete system. He has done a fantastic job with building the system to detect weapons & integrating it with the mobile app, so I have no doubt that this project will be just as streamlined.

Challenges I ran into

Getting a thermal camera to my engineer in Bangladesh, so he could continue to program the software when they are also on lockdown.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a fully functioning system that can detect a gun in under 3 seconds & send an alert to the app along with a small clip of the incidence, so the designated person can determine what next steps they should take. I am also proud of how far I have came and for having an LLC issued for my business. But I am in the middle of converting my LLC to a C Corp. I have already filed for conversion on legalzoom & I feel as though being incorporated will be better for where I wanna take my business.

What I learned

That Infinite Vision doesn't just have to be localized to weapons but can also save lives in any circumstance where a threat is presented.

What's next for Infinite Vision

Getting a thermal camera to my engineer so we can continue to build out a fully functioning system and integrate it with our existing systems.

Built With

  • tensorflow
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