The way we look for a new movie or TV series has not changed in the last years. With new Technologies such as VR Headsets we should have a new way to browse for all this content. We implemented a simple solution to this issue using the latest technology.

How it works

Using a VR Headset you can browse movie and TV series trailers by just moving your head. If you don`t like a trailer, just move your head to a different screen. If you like it, save it for later ;)

Challenges we ran into

We had issues we the oculus Rift as there was an issue with latest drivers and windows. It was also not trivial to dynamically change a video stream inside Unity.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Integrating APIs with Unity and even creating our webservice to manage everything within 24h. Making everything work even with loads of unexpected external issues (such as the incompatibility between the oculus and windows).

What we learned

We improved our skills with VR which is very relevant these days.

What's next for VR Trailer

As we are just developers, we need to improve the design of the environment and integrate a better solution for buying tickets/movies.

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