Analogue Computer - Fast, Secure, Infinite precision. Analog makes a comeback into the so called 'digital' age

What it does

Operates as a standalone computer with programmable instructions (in machine code)

How we built it

14 hours of soldering outside in winter, rushes to the airport, breadboarding

Challenges we ran into

Mystery short circuits, strong breeze (and other inclement weather), infrequent flights from Hong Kong, team member illnesses

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an entire computer with essential components in 24 hours

What we learned

Many many mathematical functions can be precisely and accurately generated in analogue, with a surprising degree of flexibility in the implementation.

What's next for Infinite Shades of Grey

Educating and inspiring students into Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science.

Built With

  • cmos
  • ttl
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