Beat Saber!

What it does

It generates an AR game that tasks you with dodging as many glass walls as you can! You have 3 lives.

How we built it

Starting out as a soccer goalkeeper filter idea based on Interactive Play, the concept quickly evolved into something that we could gamify easier and would require less extreme movements from our users, making it more enjoyable and playable. Thus we opted for a game that would force our users to duck and dodge! We based it on the planetracker feature, anchoring our game in the real world, with a dash of AR magic to spruce up the visuals!

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge ended up being to live up to the name, "Endless" runner. After several different level designs and approaches, we landed on something that the team was happy with and, through testing, proved to be enjoyable and beatable, while ramping up the challenge endlessly for those that dare match it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an AR game that strives to push the barriers of what we can do on user centered and approachable programs like Lens Studio.

What we learned

Intelligent game design and systems are paramount to avoiding endless repeating work! Also there's never enough play testing..

What's next for Endless Runner

Spruce up the level design possibly and add some more background elements that would trigger based on how far/long the user has managed to go/survive.

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