The world is constantly chasing after smartphones with bigger screens and smaller bezels. But why wait for costly display technology, and why get rid of old phones that work just fine? We wanted to build an app to create the effect of the big screen using the power of multiple small screens.

What it does

InfiniScreen quickly and seamlessly links multiple smartphones to play videos across all of their screens. Breathe life into old phones by turning them into a portable TV. Make an eye-popping art piece. Display a digital sign in a way that is impossible to ignore. Or gather some friends and strangers and laugh at memes together. Creative possibilities abound.

How we built it

Forget Bluetooth, InfiniScreen seamlessly pairs nearby phones using ultrasonic communication! Once paired, devices communicate with a Heroku-powered server written in node.js, express.js, and for control and synchronization. After the device arrangement is specified and a YouTube video is chosen on the hosting phone, the server assigns each device a region of the video to play. Left/right sound channels are mapped based on each phone's location to provide true stereo sound support. Socket-emitted messages keep the devices in sync and provide play/pause functionality.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a lot of time trying to implement all functionality using the Bluetooth-based Nearby Connections API for Android, but ended up finding that pairing was slow and unreliable. The based architecture we ended up using created a much more seamless experience but required a large rewrite. We also encountered many implementation challenges while creating the custom grid arrangement feature, and trying to figure out certain nuances of Android (file permissions, UI threads) cost us precious hours of sleep.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! It felt great to take on a rather ambitious project and complete it without sacrificing any major functionality. The effect is pretty cool, too—we originally thought the phones might fall out of sync too easily, but this didn't turn out to be the case. The larger combined screen area also emphasizes our stereo sound feature, creating a surprisingly captivating experience.

What we learned

Bluetooth is a traitor. Mad respect for UI designers.

What's next for InfiniScreen

Support for different device orientations, and improved support for unusual aspect ratios. Larger selection of video sources (Dailymotion, Vimeo, random MP4 urls, etc.). Seeking/skip controls instead of just play/pause.

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