Block size of typical blockchains is limited in size and even for blockchains trying to address the problem larger size means more expensive fee and higher confirmation times.

To demonstrate our technology we present a use-case of an NGO for refugees .

We enable small donors to pool crypto funds and purchase a property, lease it free to refugees and in a few years sell the property and returning fair share of donors to them with real state appreciation. This way small donors can help others without losing money and potentially receive appreciation of real state. Currently when you use campaign you let go 100% of your donations. In order to register thousands of users in a single block we invented novel technology of inifiBlocks enabling infinitive number of owners to be registered with Propy deed.

What it does

A block in blockchains are limited in size. We augment blocks with attachments which are distributed and permissioned

How we built it

Using IPFS attachments to get some of block data out into second chain. This makes it possible and less expensive.

Challenges we ran into

Idea and tech.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A new way of extending block size virtually to infinity. Tech and social.

What we learned

Devil is in details.

What's next for infiniBlocks

To infinity and beyond!

Built With

  • ethereum
  • ipfs
  • poa
  • propy
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