Inspiration: Our inspiration for the game came from large party games such as Mario Kart. We wanted to create a game that would be very fast paced and support large amounts of people.

What it does: Our game is a 2D side scrolling running game that can allow anyone with an Android device to join immediately. The game is a race to see which player can reach the end of the map without getting too far behind. There's a main screen, and then the phones would become controllers.

How we built it: We designed the maps with Tiled and we programed everything with the gaming frame work LIBGDX with Java.

Challenges: we ran into Being able to manipulate the physics in the game, BOX2D, multiplayer and networking, and designing working maps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Overcoming all of the above.

What we learned: We learned that no matter how good the game is, we can't waste time with the wrong ideas and we must make a plan before doing everything.

What's next for Inferno Duck: We may continue improving this project and may release it into the app store.

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