Why are wildfires becoming more and more frequent? What are they doing to our environment? How can we stop them? As a group of two individuals, we found our inspiration through wildfires. They are extremely dangerous and have harmed many individuals and animals over the past few years.

Forest Fire

This is why we decided to create an application that can predict the likelihood of these events occurring in a given area.

Key Logistics

What it Does?❓❗

A user enters key information about their area which is then used to predict the probability of a forest fire. This allows them to prepare based on the magnitude and put out time estimations, reducing the impact these natural disasters will have on the environment. Users can also navigate through the index page to find more statistics about wildfires as well as our mission.

How we built it? 💻

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. This was used to create the website, we used a bootstrap template to style our site.

  • Python, Flask. This was used to create the AI algorithm that predicts the occurrence of a wildfire.

    Our Takeaways

    Challenges we ran into 😱

We found the time to be a challenging as we needed to find a way to structure ourselves in order to complete everything we wanted to do. We also found time zones to be a slight barrier as it meant that we weren't able to work collaboratively within specific hours of the day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

We are proud to have finished on time as well as going out of our comfort zone to create a great project that has a lot of potential to help humans now, in the future and consequently the environment.

What we learned👨🏻‍🎓

We learned how to manage time as well as use bootstrap templates to create a website.

What's next for InfernoAI 🌒

We want to set up a notification system that warns subscribed users when a wildfire is going to occur near them. We also want to integrate a smoke detector into the application as well.

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