As someone who's been interested in Virology for a very long time, I was inspired to make this project based on my own interests

What it does

This program is predicated on multiple adults going out on an expidition, where a certain number of people are infected with a virus (potency to be decided by the user). The program will arrange and sort the health and susceptability of the individuals, and will have the most susceptable treated by a set number of surgeons, and some treated by (less-skilled) general practitioners

How we built it

We used a class hierarchy of multiple classes. Every individual is an adult. Some adults are patients. Some adults are doctors. Some doctors are surgeons. Through their abilities and methodology, we were able to simulate (with a +/- 5% accuracy from our calculated expected values) what would actually occur in such an event

Challenges we ran into

Since my teammates chose to depart from pennapps right after we completed the pseudocode, it was challenging for me to meet the deadline and produce a high-quality program (although I do believe that I succeeded). In fact, as of right now, there's less than 4 minutes left to submit!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The calculated accuracy of the project

What's next for Infection Simulator

We just need a virus to test this program on -- oh wait.

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