1) A brief description of the project that includes:

• Problem you are trying to solve. The risk of a child dying before age one is five times higher in the WHO African region than in the WHO European region (Source: WHO)

Many of these deaths are as a result of babies; born too early and too small, born with infections, born malnourished or asphyxiated at the time of birth.

• Target: social-economical description of the people that will be affected by your project

Our Target Market comprises of expectant mothers in Ghana who use a mobile device and have access to a health care facility be they literate or illiterate, rural or urban dwellers, rich or poor.

• Dimension of the market

We have calculated the Total Addressable Market to be 3,100,000 users, the Served Addressable Market to be 825,714 users and our target market to be 500,000 users

Based on our estimation of the TAM this market is valued at more than Ghc 18,000,000 a year

• How the issue has been tackled till now

Till now the issue has been tackled by providing expectant mothers’ access to midwives for antenatal care. The Government of Ghana, NGOs such as MamaYe and International bodies including UNICEF and WHO implement programmes that seek to address the problem. However none of the above incorporates a mobile technology solution such as ours.

Mobile Technology for Community Health (MoTeCH) is addressing the issue with two interrelated mobile health services: The Mobile Midwife app is a service that enables pregnant women and their families to receive SMS/voice messages that provide time-specific information about their pregnancy each week in their own language while the MOTECH Nurses’ Application helps Community Health Workers to record and track the care delivered to women and new-borns in their area.

A Foreign alternative is; My Baby Today by Baby Center, a personalized daily calendar for a baby’s development, with helpful checklists and updatable reminders, A photo album for chronicling baby’s growth and special moments

How you are solving the problem: • Solution- describe about the service/ product

We intend to solve the problem with Infant Care; which is a mobile application that teaches expectant mothers, literate or not, the best possible care for themselves and their unborn child.

• Why your solution is innovative

1) Localized - It features lessons in a combination of audio (English, Twi, and Huasa), visual and text formats hence it can be used by both literates and illiterates.

2) Promotes Learning - It promotes learning and mastery by way of a quiz taken at the end of every course.

3) Specialized- the app features lessons on Food, Coping with Discomforts, scheduling antenatal visits, Fitness, Harmful substances, and Labour and birth

• What your solution has different from those already existing

1) Localized - It features lessons in a combination of audio, visual and text formats hence it can be used by both literates and illiterates.

2) Promotes Learning - It promotes learning and mastery by way of a quiz taken at the end of every course.

• What will be the impact your project will create in the country’s economy.

1) Reduce infant mortality. 2) Enhance the human capital of the country by saving lives 3) Lessen the government’s medical expenses. 4) An opportunity to use user data collected via the app to evaluate health policies and programmes

• Business model proposition • How will the project attain financial sustainability

1) Income generation through sales 2) Sound Administration and Financial practices 3) Leveraging on a Telcoms or free service like Parse.com to host our lesson materials when we start out

• How will the project be monetized

1) License the app to major hospitals and clinic nationwide. 2) A Freemium model offering free users access to additional content like videos and to remove ads, for a fee.

• Pricing and possible clients

1) One-time payment of Ghc 6 2) Possible clients include Public and Private Hospitals and clinics who could acquire a license to sale the app to their patient for a stated number of years

• Key partners for the project development Strategy

1) Ghana Health Service—assisting in the development of content for the app, reviewing and endorsing the lesson materials to be used. 2)Advance Information Technology Institute – Offering technical evaluation, testing and support Internet.org --- Making our service available on internet.org

• What’s the next step for your team?

1) Complete the app in collaboration with partners 2) Pilot the app at two teaching hospitals in Ghana 3) Collect, analyse and evaluate feedback after the pilot 4) Re develop the app based on feedback. 5) Go to market

• How will you validate the product/service?

We shall Pilot at the app at the Korle bu and Akomfo Anokye Teaching hospitals’ were would request for the following;

  1. The monthly average number of women who come for pre-natal check-ups.
  2. The monthly average number of infant mortality cases.
  3. The monthly average number of infant morbidity cases.

We shall ascertain, after the pilot period, whether or not there has been a decline or increase from the initial data recorded and if any, how many of such mothers involved were part of the pilot programme. We would also sample the feedback of end user and by so doing determine the usefulness or otherwise of our app.

• How would you start solving the problem?

By going to market we will start solving the problem when it gets into the hands of end users

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