As the world, and people, become more and more connected it becomes more difficult to decipher urgency. In a given day people can be inundated with inbound requests from a wide variety of channels. Many people have succombed to a state of numbness due to the amount of stimuli, causing people to treat every inbound request the same. It has also caused a trend in people “disconnecting” to relax and unwind. However, there are some aspects of life where getting back to someone …sometime just isn’t good enough. Maybe it’s someone who is on call but needs to be notified whether or not they have their phone with them…charged…with the ringer on, or whether or not they are checking their texts or email. We thought iNeedYouNowTM could be a concept to elevate the truly important requests above the rest of the noise and in situations where life gets in the way.

What it does

At this point it would be a pair of devices…a requester and a receiver that would each have a push button and a light. The receiver would have an additional audible alarm. The request device might be sitting on a manufacturing floor, an aging parents bedroom or at an ER office desk. When a situation arises that someone needs something NOW, they would simply press the button on their requesting device. The light would begin to blink and when it stops blinking and remains lit they would know that the request has been successfully sent to the receiver that they need to get into contact with. On the receiving end they would see their light blinking and after a period of time (that they can adjust) the audible alarm would begin to sound. Once they press the button the alarm and light would shut off and also cause the requestor’s light to shut off, indicating to them that the receiver acknowledged their need.

How we built it

We are planning on using some WiFi MCUs for each device along with 12-24V light and alarm, hopefully enclosed in an enclosure we build. We will utilize an MQTT broker in the cloud to facilitate the communication between the two devices.

Challenges we ran into

If time allows we’d like to build in some datalogging to an SQL database and look at having a simple API that would allow requests/acknowledgements to be initiated from devices other that the 2 hard buttons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

We will get a good taste of MQTT in this project.

What's next for INeedYouNow


Built With

  • arduino
  • custom-api
  • email
  • esp8266
  • lights
  • mqtt
  • siren
  • texting
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