As students, we have many friends who need help with sleep. We decided to make a sacrifice for them and spend this weekend helping them become better students with better decision making.

What it does

Helps the user monitor and enforce their selected sleep schedule by negative enforcement.

How we built it

By creating an app using Android Studio via Java.

Challenges we ran into

Coordinating different threads and keeping each class's reasonability to itself by using OOP. Some team members learnt Java and Android development for the first time.


This functional app will help a user keep themselves accountable. Users can also select the alarm that they will be waking up to.

What's next for INeedSleep

Developing more features that will make the app more user friendly and viable. Some extra features such as keeping track of how often the user doesn't sleep on time, and having a plant on the side that will experience the consequences of the user's decisions.

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