Team Haukeye

What it does

Industrial Grade Dashboard (IGD) for globally distributed industrial assets

How We built it

Improvement on Dashboard Seed by integrating it with asset service and time series service Live data collection to Predix cloud from Intel Edison board with multiple sensors

Challenges We ran into

Software bug on Intel Edison board starter kit, not able to pull the timeseries data until applying the patch Limitation of uaa service instances (10) Understanding communications between backend microservices to the front end

Accomplishments that We'are proud of

Working solution to demonstrate prototype dashboard which can be further developed towards Industrial Grade Dashboard Dealing with Intel Edison board for the first time and be able to accomplish our goal within the given time

What We learned

Intel Edison board configuration for Predix Using sensors with Intel Edison board to simulate industrial IOT with Predix services Dashboard implementation and architecture Communication between backend services and frontend apps

What's next for Industrial Grade Dashboard (IGD)

Fine tune dashboard UI for easy of use and better user experience Add predictive analytics service to present proactive maintenance modeling in dashboard Add integration of additional sensors and IOT devices to fully prototype industrial dashboard Add location service to the asset inventory in order to monitor mobile industrial devices

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