Indra is a personal assistant and a intelligent chat bot that helps you get around safer and smoother at Indore . Indra helps you know which route you need to take while driving the car to avoid roads of high pedestrian or motor traffic . Once you have the idea of the route , Indra suggests you a time in your specified range which helps you reach your destination in the safest and most efficient way . Indra also helps you out with public transport improving it's reachability and accessibility to you by telling you the route number and ETA of the bus at your bus stop . Indra can also help you with important contact and geological data of nearby places of interest like hospitals , supermarkets , bus stops and train stations . All this and more with an ever evolving , ever learning Indra , Indore's very own personal assistant and exclusive chat bot , which is just too intelligent for the roads out there .

Indore city bus help

Indra lets users use Indore city bus in a more efficient manner . On entering the source and destination Indra tells the user when the route number of the bus that can move the user and also the estimate time he needs to wait for the bus to arrive at the source . The chat interface makes it extremely easier for information query and retrieval thereby increase use of Indore city bus as a public transport option and lesser private transport . One of the most prominent hindrances of public transport is the lack of ease in getting accurate and quick info about bus timings and bus numbers .

Personal vehicle route help

If you are moving in your personal vehicle around Indore , Indra suggests you the best route taking into the account the minimum time , minimum pedestrian and cycling traffic routes . Indra also suggests you the best time to leave for the same in a specified time interval . This can ensure smoother flow of traffic in the roads as more and more users join the app making distribution of vehicular traffic more even and ease flow of traffic . The time is suggested by analyzing historic data of the same route and time taken by vehicles recorded by Google maps , the most reliable prediction engine out there . Current weather conditions and ** pedestrian traffic" are the two main factors considered when the time is suggested to ensure better safety for pedestrians and cyclists on the same route . The time suggest feature thus incentivize car and other private owners to avoid routes with heavy pedestrian and cycling traffic by suggesting the best route and most optimum time in a specific time interval .

Places of Interest

Indra gives you more info about the places of interest like hospitals , supermarkets , parks , gardens , bus station and train station that is nearest with telephone numbers and also navigate to the same in one single click of a button . Getting such prominent info via chat makes it easier for users to get critical contact information of hospitals and the location of the same making it easier for users to navigate easier and safer in times of normalcy and emergency .

Emergency Telephone Number Directory

Get contact numbers of emergency service disposal centers like hospitals , police stations , fire force and ambulance with a single message .

Autorickshaw Fare Estimator

Get the rickshaw fare estimate after entering the source and destination address .

Any other custom help required is diverted to a human interface which replies at the earliest .

Indra for all , all for Indra

The chat interface is the USP of Indra which makes it extremely easy for people from all ages get onto the app with minimal trouble . People in the 40s and 50s find messaging apps much much more easy to use rather than complex native apps . Indra makes it easier for people from this age get the most of any app for smoother safer travel and also contribute greatly to a safer Indore when it comes to the road .

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