I have seen many expats are struggling to meet new people during travel despite it is one of their main reason to travel. Even with the covid-19 situation, expats struggle even deeper than they have been before. This is the reason why I build this platform, to improve the expats' well-being.

What it does

By using live chat feature, I was able to connect my members to connect with one another and for them to meet new people. I also create forum for a certain area where people live nearby so they could share their similar interests.

How I built it

I take design and experience seriously, therefore, I am focusing in developing a platform which is pleasant visually and easy to use.

Challenges I ran into

I need to do extensive research on how to build a pleasant display in the website, whether they are colour combinations, placements of buttons, or animations

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Indotown is ranked 3 million, has hundreds members, and listed in Google search.

What I learned

there is no shortcut to success, but hard work always pays off

What's next for Indotown

Indotown is aiming to gather first 1000 members and reached top 1 million rank website in the world

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