Our Inspiration:- With growing population traffic is becoming one of the major factor which effect day to day life. Everybody ran into traffic related problem directly or indirectly. This inspires our team to build some innovative solution to provide user which act as digital driving assistant and help them to make quick decision based on traffic situations.

What it does:- “Indore Traffic Friend” is one of a kind and unique traffic application build for android smartphones .
“Indore Traffic Friend” shows your current location on map. or plan your driving route with less traffic areas. You can also search nearby parking places when you go for marketing or office. You can also share your current location with your family and friends. “Indore Traffic Friend” equipped you with latest information on road safety and traffic rules. You can either read the traffic rules or you can even watch the videos related to traffic rules.

How I built it:- This application supports Android based smartphone and built using native Android Development Environment

Challenges I ran into:- Initially it is hard to decide what to build which actually help user to assist in traffic related decisions but then I“Indore Traffic Friend” concept comes into mind. This application is under continues development. Phase I development is already done. Phase II development contains lots of features which requires hard mathematical calculations and image processing features as well as some features requires us to collaborate with traffic department which currently seems to be challenge to us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:- Phase I is successfully done and output is high performance Android application. Phase II is started and we got success in lane detection upto 50% this is one of the biggest achievements in this application.

What I learned:- Leaning is always part of development. While developing we came up with many rules related to traffic which help us to understand how we can help ourself by following all those rules.

What's next for Indore Traffic Friend:- Keeping Driving safety as major concern “Indore Traffic Friend” is coming up with some new features like Detect real time distance from another moving vehicles in front of you Detect driving lane and buzz you when you are going out of your lane. Penalty against any rule break is directly notified through “Indore Traffic Friend” You can view and pay the fine directly from “Indore Traffic Friend”

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