When I had a road accident recently, due to hazardous road condition, we thought, how good it would be, if such road conditions can be alerted to the citizens in real-time, which can help them stay alert and avoid injuries. However, these alerts should themselves be non-distractive to the pedestrians & drivers, but at the same time, allow them to stay extra cautious while, On Road!

And so, we present, Indore - On Road, to promote road safety amongst citizens and provide real-time alerts which can save lives.

What it does

Indore - On Road is an Android based solution to promote Road Safety which provides real-time alerts for hazardous road conditions (Traffic, Pedestrians, Accident Zones, etc) and show details of fellow travelers in real-time. It also assesses the user's driving patterns and provides points for following safety rules and thereby compete on the leader board.

Indore - On Road provides the below features:

  • Has an in-built Intelligent Monitoring System which detects user's activity – whether he is Driving, Walking or Cycling.
  • Promotes Road Safety by assessing user's driving patterns through use of accelerometer (random driving) & GPS (sped detection) and provides feedback to drive more safely. Users can earn points based on whether they are driving safely, parking correctly and avoiding pedestrian/cyclist zones and thereby, compete on the leaderboard against the entire city!
  • Get Live Alerts, while on road, alerting users of approaching accident prone areas, water logging, high pedestrian activity, hospitals, schools, etc, as well as if you are over-speeding
  • Provides non-distractive notifications & alerts – Voice & Vibration based, in addition to screen popups
  • Shows Live Positions of fellow travelers to stay alert, while on road - one can know if pedestrians or cyclists are around, which can make the driver more cautious
  • Share your journey details with your family & friends, who can track you in real-time, while ensuring your privacy
  • Provides safety related Info about your City – through rich Map based UI. Get details of Accident prone areas, Heavy Traffic, Parking Zones, Pedestrian Areas, Safe Cycling Zones, Schools, Hospitals, Fuel Station, Toilets, Water Logging, etc. The data is Crowd & Authority sourced. The user can earn points for sharing as well as report incorrect data.
  • Has an in-built Fare Calculator for Auto & BRTS. Get details of cheapest option to take, to reach to your destination along with navigation support.
  • Get details on Traffic Rules & Important Civic Contact Numbers
  • Get Weather details for today and forecast for next few days

The app can run without Internet, while on the road, wherein all features work, except for live fellow traveler position alerts.

How we built it

Indore - On Road is an Android Application with a server backend for Real-Time database based on Firebase platform, along with MongoDB based NoSQL DB for storing meta-data, hosted through Parse on Buddy.

At the heart of the app, is the Intel Context Sensing SDK, whose intelligent algorithms allow detection of user's current activity. On top of this SDK, we have created a wrapper which utilizes the phone's sensors and GPS to accurately determine the user's driving performance and store it locally.

The user interface is built using Android native UI, with Google Maps API for a rich User experience and Geo-Fencing APIs to detect if the user is approaching any important locations and provide notification through Android Text to Speech APIs. Firebase Real-time database allows update of fellow travelers in real-time and can be pushed on to the user's device, thereby decreasing battery drain.

What's next for Indore - On Road

  • Get real-time vehicle performance parameters like speed, fuel, engine performance, acceleration patterns, braking patterns, etc and then, provide feedback & analytics for better driving patterns, using Ford OpenXC platform
  • Detect granular safe driving patterns using advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Enhance the current Driving Performance Monitoring System of Indore-On Road based on user feedback and improve stability and battery consumption
  • Provide incentives to the users, based on the Points they earn for following safety rules. Tie up with authorities to encourage citizens on the Leader Board
  • Panic Alert Button to call family/authority in case of emergency

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