The project was originally inspired by the fact that friends get easily lost in big crowds such as clubs and concerts. GPS is very unprecise, noise prevents you from calling, and SMS are often seen too late. The resulting level of frustration and waiting time is just too high. An easy to use app indicating the position of yourself and your friends is required to find together. The IndoorTracking app shows a map of your location within a building and the position of your friends. A background service allows you to track the position of your friends at any time without their interaction to find them as soon as possible in the easiest way. The android app uses WiFi signals near by which are sent to a server backend. The REST-API uses the recorded signal strength to determine the users position within the area. The WiFi signal is often not constant and different environmental aspects can influence the precision of our approach. However, we are very proud to present a product which is capable to compute the users position within a radius of 5 meters. The results are more than sufficient to find your friends in a large scale area. Using deticated WiFi spots might even lower the error rate by providing a stable rate of power level. The project has shown us how to deal with team-management, time pressure and new technologies. This experience will be very helpful for further projects. In the future we plan to expand the use cases of the localization technology. It could be used in games, for rescue missions and to guide people in public buildings.

All in all we are very proud of the product we have developed and are looking forward to make it even more precise and find new applications.

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