We were mainly inspired by the lack of easy access to larger storage of resources for students. Currently being a Highschool student studying in an online environment, it has been hard for me to search through online tutorials, books, and so on. As a result, my team and I tried to create a platform that allows people to share the best tutorials, books, and other study materials with other students.

What it does

The site allows users to upload or view resources so that students don't have to spend hours looking for a textbook, with the personal experience we noticed this was a major problem. So the site allows you; a student, to upload a useful resource to the site then later others can be seen a database full of resources to help them quicking get the resource they were looking for.

How we built it

We first started by designing the wireframes of all the pages this was done fully on Figma, once this part was finished the front end of the site was done through react, Html, and CSS. Once the front end of the site was finished we developed the backend using MongoDB and react.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a quite a few challenges including learning the language and coding for the first time using react. This started to slow us down in the beginning but through organized and calculated steps we were able to pull through with a project we are proud of.

Accomplishments that we proud of

Over the past 2 days, we were able to develop a fully functional database of resources that can help students with their education. We are mainly proud of the fact that we although most of us new to react and full-stack development, were able to finish the site.

What we learned

Vishnu: I was able to further my programming experience with react.js, alongside this I was able to get introduced to backend and MongoDB. Not only this, but I was also able to greatly improve my leadership abilities as I guided the team through wireframes and the front-end.

Sriram: Throughout this project, I learned how to collaborate and further understand the full stack architecture to build a responsive web application.

Aanya: I was able to learn to code with react and see how it gets integrated into a full-stack web application while working with other people.

What's next for Indo-Edu

Firstly we would like to take a few minutes to public the site after we add our other improvements. In terms of functionality, we plan on adding additional features that organize the Resource page by grade, title, keyword, subject, etc. Additionally, we want to make the site mobile friendly and responsive so that students on any device can have an amazing user experience.

Currently, the only information that is displayed is the title of the file or video, our plans for the future include us making it more universal and secure by adding when the resource was added and who added. We also plan to add a tag of which countries students it mainly will relate to or help, as for all of us it has been a very hard challenge to find the right resource as it may be from a different country with a different curriculum.

We also plan to add a feature that allows users to upvote the most helpful resource so that new users can easily find the best resource for a specific topic or tag.

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