Inspiration :- To make a simple and easily database for admin and provide efficiency and attract full services to customer that help him to analyse price of flights,travelling list of months, vacation expenses etc type of services.

What it does :- it will be working on Hadoop technology which is store large amount of data and analyze all the service on admin panel.

How I built it :- Using PIG Latin and Hadoop Distributed File System on ubuntu Terminal. Quires are performed using sql and python for scripting

Challenges I ran into :-To apply a fault tolerance approach and action on success to store on local host 50070 server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of :- At the end we successfully Appropriate Customer and Data Analytics.

What I learned :- Team Coordination, learning Environment of new project which i am happy to see of newly ideas submission of other participants .

What's next for IndiGo Data Analytics :- we want to design a GUI phase also to see AI approach in which Customer can see his benefits (eg:- expanses on vacation of flight) which he will be get from his regular travelling experience.

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