Our family is mixed race. Our mom is from India and our father is from Romania. When we were learning Romanian, we realized that there were many similarities between Romanian and the Indian languages. For instance, the word Dushman means enemy in both Hindi and Romanian. The word Prieten (Friend) in Romanian is very similar to the word Priyam (meaning like) in Tamil.

So we were very curious to fnind out why and learnt that this is because of the Romani gypsy people ( who are a nomadic tribe originating from India and moving to Europe. The Romani people made a lot of contributions to the European languages of today

However, they are often persecuted owing to their gypsy ways. We therefore wanted to build a game to acknowledge the Romani people and their ways

What it does

Our project is a monopoly game. Light sensors on the board detect the player and their location and using Arduino passes the information to a web server. The front end app, built using thunkable, reads information off the web server and allows the players to interact with the Romani culture by 1. Learning facts 2. Answering questions to get points and c. Buying knowledge (in the form of property). The facts and the tests are done using voice to text interfaces

How we built it

We built the project using Arduino, thunkable and python

Challenges we ran into

Our printer was not working, and we needed to handcolor the board with crayons

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning to code a good ui/ ux on thunkable Setting up and connecting to a web server

What we learned

To build something that interfaces hardware and apps, and make a working ioT / AI/ app project

What's next for Indigenopoly

Crowd source more packages to work with more indigeneous languages Make an AI skill for each indigeneous language/ culture in Susi AI

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