For many years, I've been producing projects, working with talent and promoting multiple productions but I've always been frustrated with how unorganized the business of entertainment is. With that in mind, I created the IndieONE platform to address many of the business aspects of the entertainment business especially the music space.

What it does

The IndieONE platform is a LIVE Broadcast media platform dedicated to promoting the Top Indie Talent from around the world through Live Radio, Live Television and Movie platforms. The IndieONE platform also connects event planners with Indie Talent in just a few clicks to secure Live performance bookings using blockchain to securely confirm gigs.

How we built it

I used Adobe XD to build the concept of this project with a focus on the Music aspect of the platform. The LIVE Radio platform has been running independently for the last 4 years via our website ( and via the TuneIn app.

Challenges we ran into

It took me a few days to navigate through the Adobe software to build the wireframe but now this gives me a roadmap on what to build. It also has afforded me the opportunity to get feedback from people to ensure we're building something they want before we waste alot of time and energy on things they won't use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Participating in this challenge has helped me to organize my ideas for the platform, which now helps me to build out my team to implement the various behind the scenes components of the platform. The app will also be a calling card for the overall IndieONE brand to attract consumer engagement as well as attracting Indie talent from around the world.

What we learned

I have alot of work ahead of me to build out this platform but I think it's imperative to have this outlet for the Independent talent from around the world. Too often Indie talent have no voice or get overlooked by the so-called major players in the media industry. In today's technology enabled environment, I feel IndieONE is the bridge that the world's Indie talent need to scale to become Global players in the media space.

What's next for IndieONE Platform

I'm now focused on obtaining seed funding so I can build out my core team and put the engine behind each component of this platform. IndieONE Global Radio already reaches 85 countries each year, so an organized team will make those connections much more valuable.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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