Inspiration Every year, far too many people suffer from medical traumas, in particular stroke and heart disease. Even after leaving the hospital, these people still need to rehabilitate for months or even years. Without Indie, the patients would need to frequently visit their doctors for checkups; which, is a great inconvenience.

Definition Indie is a telepresence robot for rehab and diagnosis. Indie has particular sensors that records the patient's health(BPM, temperature, etc). Indie allows a patient to conduct a check up independently. Indie then sends the data to the patient's doctor. The doctor can then communicate to the patient via Indie.

How It Works? Communicate between PC and Phone with VoIP. Communicate between phone and arduino with serial port.

Problems WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many to list

Accomplishments -Designing an effective telepresence robot. -Successfully using the temperature, heart beat, and gesture sensors. -Having fun and building a neat robot at the same time.

What We Learned -How to communicate with Arduino and Android using Javascript over WiFi -How to use a ton of new hardware -S*** Happens (Murphy's Laws applies to everything)

What's next? -Make it easier for disabled people to use(gesture control) -Allow patient to communicate with people besides doctor.(Friends, family, etc) -Refine the control mechanics -Speed up the data sending a refining the data reseived (weeding out

Built With

  • arduino
  • imagination
  • ir-sensor
  • lotsosensors
  • protocoder
  • pulsesensor
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