Indicritters is an educational game programmed in Game Maker 8.1 using its custom GML scripting language. We used many different aspects of coding, including arrays, loops, switch statements, and functions, among others. This project was created by our team for an organization known as Family Tyes, which teaches youth development and water conservation through fly fishing. We are students creating video games for other younger students. A good motto for us would be “students helping students”. We were asked to create a game that would help children and teenagers learn about the environment and its conservation. Our game submission is part of our work on this project. We created an original game based on concepts learned in our school’s Entertainment Technology curriculum. This game has given each of us several proud accomplishments. Our most proud feature is level 3. We feel the design behind the level is solid, and implementing all aspects of the level through code was complex and included many game design principles. Level design was guided more by the input of all of the group members, rather than the teacher. Our group includes four students with different interests and talents, consisting of a programmer, two artists, and a story teller. We are proud of how we collaborated on this project. This experience has provided us a glimpse of what it is like when it comes to working for a real world client, and creating video games in general.

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