We wanted to work on something new that none of us had any experience in, after hearing about how John Deere wanted a simple farming game inspired by, we gave it our best shot..

What it does

Its a two player turn based game about harvesting corn. There's fields of no corn, corn and prime corn, each earning you different amounts of points in the end. The goal is to gain as many point as you can.

How we built it

We coded the game in JavaScript and embedded it in a website with HTML. Used CSS for the game visuals, and used firebase to sync the game-states.

Challenges we ran into

When determining how to sync the game base we first tried PHP but later ended up using firebase because of its real time databases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning new languages/softwares.

What we learned

New languages/softwares, coding in teams is difficult, task management is crucial, learning something new can get a little messy.

What's next for Indiana Simulator

Nothing. This has to be the end.

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