I was playing UNO with my friends at this event thinking about what to create. I realized that there are not many applications online to play Rummy easily with your friends, and as a result, Indian Rummy was created.Indian Rummy was created using JavaScript specifically WebSocket and express for the server. I started by drawing out the project on a whiteboard and from there it was just working through express and the logical process of the cards. The actual game.js file took the longest amount of time due to the many different elements of the game that can be possible such as discarding any card per turn and picking up a card from either the card stack or "trash" card stack from anyone in it. It was more difficult than expected to line up the card pile perfectly without obstructing some of the cards which can be seen in the project. But in general, it was fun and I hope you have fun with rummy. Also to set up after download just normal npm install and node app.js and http-server.

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