The huge impact that the second wave of COVID-19 had on the residents of India was our inspiration. We aimed to analyze the impact by assessing the cases, tests and vaccinations of COVID-19 in India and draw meaningful observations.

What it does

Visualizations we have created helped us to easily understand the exhaustive data in the public domain. We have used datasets to predict the vaccination coverage in India and understand the existing trends of COVID-19.

How we built it

We used Jupyter Notebook and Google Colab to write the code in Python by utilizing Matplotlib and Seaborn. We used MATLAB for pie charts. We also created a website using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Challenges we ran into

Get trustworthy datasets and complete visualizations within a limited time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the Vizathon in time!!!!

What we learned

We learned important skills such as time management, working in a group and playing with data. We also learned about various types of data visualizations and how to represent large datasets with limited and crisp visualizations. Also, we learned to give presentations in a better and concise manner.

What's next for India's Covid Story : A Brief Analysis

Through our visualizations, we wish to create awareness of the current trends of vaccinations in India and aim for a higher vaccination rate in the coming months.

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