Leave an indestructible message to your child for his 18th birthday, share a top-secret research with the world after n years, confess your deepest desires to special person

What it does

Takes your message (video, audio, text) and informs the recipient that he will be able to consume it in certain time period.

How we built it

We use NuCypher to encrypt the content and control accessibility (time, person, etc.) Content is stored on IPFS Information about capsules (sender address, recipient address, ipfs storage, time constraints) are stored on eth network

What's next for Indestructible Time Capsule

Time-Constrained Access - give digitally someone "power of attorney" only for a certain time period. Sex Fantasy Capsule - Partners store their sex fantasies. After certain time they can open and view their fantasies intersection. Keep Alive Insurance - Sender can change the release date. In case something happens to him he will not be able to postpone the release date and the message will became public.

Built With

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