I wanted to explore unfair interrogation practices and the stress that comes with being the subject of an interrogation.

How it works

Very simple - launch the game. Answer the questions in time, and don't contradict your other answers.

Challenges I ran into

Getting AIR Native Extensions to work in FlashDevelop. I solved that and wrote about it in more detail here:

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The end report text is completely dynamic and programmatically-generated based on the player's answer choices. There are so many possibilities and yet not a single error, grammatical or otherwise, has been found in the end report. The game was created in a little over a month.

What I learned

Building a game in Adobe AIR and making it work cross-platform. I learned how to better organize the project and code for developing on multiple platforms.

What's next for Indefinite: Interrogation Game

The Android app has already been updated multiple times - the current version is 1.20. It will continue to be updated. A free online Flash version of the game will be released in the future at an Indefinite date.

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