Real-time payments combine speed, data and communication in order to execute a payment in a matter of seconds. They grant users immediate access to their funds and instant confirmation of their transaction while providing near instantaneous settlement finality.

What it does

live streaming payments using Universal ID via the users' browser of their choice Overview

How we built it

This is work in progress, This is a demo and is not intended for production. Some APIs may change without notice. The code is proof of concept and is share here

Challenges we ran into

Can’t send or receive money with an app due to regulatory issues. We had to link the app to existing exchanges and banks. The app does not store any assets but acts as frictionless channel for secure streaming payments You can only send money with an app in the US. The following Google apps no longer support sending, requesting, or receiving money:

Android Messages or iMessages

Connecting Google Pay to PayID is currently not available UPDATE:

Accomplishments that we're proud of

payid generator was developed with internal GSuite For Business Appscripts Authentication is verified via GSuite for At the moment we are only accepting internal accounts for testing

What we learned

money transfer should be free and fast but requires high level of security an app is simply a community tool that can be improved by collaboration

What's next for indalama

Meeting Security, Authentication and Accessibility standards required by Google Play and Apple Store

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posted an update

Digital payments are essentially just a series of IOUs passed between various financial institutions. This requires institutions across the world to engage in complicated legal arrangements and pre-fund currencies with each other to alleviate counterparty risk created by IOUs. These delays and inefficiencies, especially in such uncertain times, underpin the current correspondent banking system and highlight the need and importance of real-time payments—now.

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