The investment matchmaker for your startup.

Our starting point was trying to solve a problem. In a sea of incubators, accelerators and vcs, how do you identify your best option as a startup?

With the wealth of information on these organisations available at CrunchBase, we set out to build a platform that allows for 'matchmaking' a startup with your best investment option.

During the first sprint (the hackathon) we focused on geographical compatibility between a startup and the investment body.

In the next sprint, we will refine the matching process to include key word matching from text recognition, niche investments and investment size.

The target user is the startup looking for funding, starting at seed level.

We particularly enjoyed working with Meteor.js and using the CrunchBase API was a real pleasure, as there is much information to work with. We are confident that we will be able further our match-making algorithm thanks to their service.

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