What is it

C_Suite_Room is an app which provided a multi-medium platform for the peer-to-peer exchange of experience-based insights among C-Suite technology leaders.Designed to help hem find solution to current challenges.drive business results and advance their career.

The problems we solved

With very large amount of information executives are dealing with they are not able to consume all of it so we came up with Act now feature which would help him take actions in the future.

we focused on three main things Learn Connect Act

Let's Take a tour

(Refer to caption for reference)

Main Page

A minimilistic main landing page for login and signup.

Edit Profile

Page for user to edit information and input preferences.

Feed page

According to the preferences given by user the Machine Learning Recommender System gives the blog feeds .


This is what the blog would look , it contains the options to see summary or full blog.And many other options like download blog to pdf, share it and many others.

Summary page

we are using Natural Language Processing to auto summarize the blog.

Full Blog

This page contains the full blog with links to the blog author and act now feature.


This is the profile of the author with his previous blogs and other information.


Option for connecting to author.

Act now

The user can input the actions he wants to take with the duration.


The menu has many other option to connect to community ,webinars and many others.

Whats Next

There are some awesome things to come, the app would help the executives to help them take actions to reach there goals.The Maching Learning model would be learning the actions taken by executives and see if that action helped him do his task.In the future if he again deals with similar kind of problem the app will help him take actions. The app will become intelligent over time.Stay tuned to github for the feature to come !

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