One of the best ways to compare the reach of competitors, is to look at their social media platforms. Most consumers are on social media, with Instagram being one of the most popular ones. One of the reasons why I chose to build this project is to learn web scraping.

What it does

InComparison helps you compare the social media influence of different Instagram users. On entering usernames of different users, InComparison displays graphs comparing number of followers, likes and comments on the 10 most recent posts.

How I built it

InComparison is built using Flask and a Python package called Instagramy on the backend. Instagramy scrapes the user's recent posts with some information like likes, comments, captions and etc. HTML, CSS and Javascript is used on the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Passing multiple arguments from frontend to backend. Since user can input any number of usernames, response for each of those can be different. Some responses can be valid data, while others could be a string displaying the error.

Accomplishments and what I learned

I learned Flask and web scrapping (This was my first time using Flask). I am happy that I could build the project is such short time.

What's next for InComparison

  • Display profile pictures of instagram users
  • Display a loading sign while data is being fetched
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