The InComm Wireless app leverages the Cashtie API to provide a fast and convenient way for consumers to top up their no-contract wireless account at their favorite retail location.

Consumers can easily access the retailer branded app by scanning a QR code, typing the mobile URL or clicking a SMS reminder link, all on their mobile device. This information is communicated via any type of marketing materials. The solution can be built standalone or embedded into a retailer’s native application.

Once the consumer is on the retailer-branded app, they can easily select their wireless carrier, enter in their mobile number and then they are provided a barcode, provided via the Cashtie API. This barcode allows for the secure activation/payment confirmation between the retailer and InComm. The cashier scans the barcode from the consumer’s mobile device and the consumer tells the cashier the amount they wish to add to their wireless account. The cashier completes the transaction in the same manner they do today with variable gift cards, as no changes to the retailer’s POS system are required to utilize this solution.

Once the transaction has been completed, the consumer’s account is automatically funded via InComm’s integrations with the wireless carriers. The consumer no longer needs to visit a website or call an IVR system to add the funds to their account, it is completed instantly and securely.

To drive consumers back to the retail location, they can set a reminder and be notified either by SMS or email, to return to the retailer and top up their account next month. When they return, all they need to do is show their barcode and make payment, and their account will be automatically funded. The app also provides all their top-up history in their account for easy reference.

The InComm Wireless app leverages the Cashtie API to drive consumers back to retailers to top-up their no-contract account and provides a seamless solution to consumers to add funds to their account with minimal effort.

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