Our ticket app can be set up as a retailer-branded standalone site or embedded into any native application. Our solutions uses the barcode provided by the Cashtie API to allow consumers to easily purchase any number of thousands of events, right from their favorite retail location.

Consumers easily access the retailer branded app by scanning a QR code, typing the mobile URL or clicking a SMS link, all on their mobile device. This information is communicated via any type of marketing materials.

Once on the retailer-branded app, the consumer is given the choice to select from popular events, local events or a number of available categories.They can also search for a specific event. Our solution also provides an effective outlet to sell last minute and promotional tickets as these events can be updated on the fly without having to change in-store marketing collateral.

After making their event selection, they can continue to search for tickets by quantity or price and see a seat map for the event venue.

When they are ready to make their purchase, the consumer is given a barcode on their mobile device, provided via the Cashtie API. This barcode allows for the secure activation/payment confirmation between the retailer and InComm. The cashier scans the barcode from the consumer’s mobile device and the consumer makes their payment. Then the cashier completes the transaction in the same manner they do today with variable gift cards, as no changes to the retailer’s POS system are required to utilize our solution.

Once the transaction has been completed, the consumer is now able to add their tickets to their Passbook app to use for entry to their chosen event.

The InComm Tickets app opens up retailer to limitless opportunities to be the local and preferred choice for consumers to search and purchase tickets to their upcoming events through a barcode provided by the Cashtie API.

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