It's December which means it's the holiday season! So what's more appropriate than a holiday gift exchange application? (aka, Secret Santa).

What it does

IncognitoElf provides a quick and easy experience for those wishing to organize a Secret Santa gift exchange between communities. With an elegant, fun UI, organizing a gift exchange has never been easier.

How I built it

The frontend client is built with React Native and Expo CLI; npm modules such as react-native-elements helped make the application look beautifully styled.

The backend server is written in Node.js/Express.js, which communicates with a MongoDB database which is hosted on mLab.

Challenges I ran into

Lots of CSS headaches...

This is also my first time using MongoDB within Node, so that was also a strong challenge to configure a decently complex set of API endpoints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's fully functional! It functions in a multi-user environment (meaning different users can interact with each other in realtime)

What I learned

A LOT of stuff to do with API endpoints in Express, as well as configuring a MongoDB database with Node.js. Also, I learned that I should keep myself well fed while hacking.

What's next for IncognitoElf

Instant Messaging; broader choice of login options; the ability to set wishlists and bios (visible to the public)

Different game modes! (White Elephant, etc.)

Joining groups via QR code

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